Dry Roasted Almonds Unsalted, 14 Oz

Dry Roasted Almonds Unsalted, 14 Oz

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Dry Roasted Almonds Unsalted, 14 Oz(Item ID 711)

$9.38   ($0.67 / oz)

(14 ounces bag)

Other Dry Roasted Almonds:
  • All natural Almonds
  • Heart-Healthy Snack
  • High in Vitamins and Minerals
  • High in Fiber
  • Cholesterol Free

Allergens: Contains tree nuts (almonds). May contain peanuts and other tree nuts due to shared equipment. May contain shell fragments.

  • 169 calories per ounce
  • Kosher - OU
  • Made in USA by VitaWin

Dry Roasted Almonds unsalted, extremely crunchy and a little bit sweet, with the savory flavor that comes from dry roasting almonds are a perfect snack. These nuts are a natural choice for grinding into flour for almond-based pastries. Or dry roasted almonds coarsely and coat a buttered baking pan to make a subtly sweet, crunchy crust for a gratin or casserole.